Jason Kokinda is an innocent victim of Koch Brothers' crony capitalism!



After Gagging for Five-Years and Starving, Jason was Cured after Reading the Bible from Front to Back aloud

It should come as no surpise that someone who was raised as an evangelical southern baptist would feel the need to witness unto others after such a blessed miracle. When Jason Kokinda tried to lead people to information against fornication and drug use on his online ministry, he was instead manipulated into sporadically playing along with police in their online Dungeons & Dragons fantasy cybersex game, after luring him in from a local IRC UnderNet chatroom aptly named #thedungeon. Because Jason is a true Christian, the Lord blessed him by providing him with a divine revelation during imprisonment, thereby demonstrated that the days of the saints are predestined and that there is no power other than the Lord. The revelation predicted the day that he would be released from prison on All Saints Day, 2015, in a vision of him sitting on a white steed beside the Lord declaring victory over Hades (the god of prisons) and Death.

Jason Kokinda was framed with creative writing crimes that criminalize his graphomania - an obsessive compulsion to write and perfectionism. Because Jason was a perfectionist, he would never cross the line of criminality with his writing and had long-documented evidence of him expressly telling doctors that he had no sex drive, physical sexual sensation, or need for sex on account of his OCD graphomania. The attorneys refused to present this by saying that his non-sexual OCD makes him look like a compulsive offender at high risk for more meaningless creative writing crimes. This is called political thought policing but taken to the extreme of first inducing the content of thoughts by using aggressively manipulative entrapment methods. The officials were not doing their jobs, in this case, but looking to falsify political propaganda by framing an innocent man who is the antithesis of criminal.

Jason Kokinda's former convictions were found invalid. The records at large proved that Jason Kokinda had properly presented unrebuttable proofs of innocence that were evaded by the laws clerks who were looking for any reason to get rid of his appeals and make time. In Pennsylvania, it was proven that the police knowingly framed chats "with what Jason absolutely knew to be an adult" as if criminal attempts to solicit a minor for sex. In New Jersey, it was proven that the trial waiver was only induced by the malicious Pennsylvania prosecution and that Jason had plainly stated that he was not attracted to children and had no intent to break the law in the chats at time of false allegations.

In both cases, the critical evidence of innocence was relentlessly suppressed, denied, and then evaded by phony judicial proceedings. In neither case was any judicial decision made by an actual judge. These phony due process proceedings have absolutely no value and are regarded as legal nullities in law. Nevertheless, various government officials continue to haunt Jason with malicious records and pretend that he is on their sex offender registries even though he is not. This is a way for them to steal funding for phony sex offender oversight program and to retaliate against him for his lawsuits. They even make up additional nonsense to make him look dangerous by claiming that he was on drugs, is a repeat offender, and that the satirical entrapment involved an actual girl.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey both forced Jason Kokinda to waive an unfair and fixed trial or face a life sentence on parole or a natural life in prison by supressing critical evidence of his innocence and committing blatant perjury. He had no chance to speak on his behalf and express his innocence. Pennsylvania continues to orchestrate retaliations against him for his lawsuits regarding his soy allergy and the chronic illnesses he acquired there from their failure to accommodate. Pennsylvania even threatened to prosecute him for quoting the Bible in his filings as a testament to how outrageous these officials act to win at all costs and terrorize any opponents. We can plainly see who the Good Samaritan is and who serves Satan by this outrageous conduct.

The power is in the people to protest and demand accountability for the actions of government officials. Please email jaceyourplace@gmail.com to show your support and offer your help in obtaining justice in this matter. The burdens upon people who were wrongfully convicted of sex offenses are inhumane. Yet, the courts continue to block compensation.

Jason Kokinda is currently suing Pennsylvania in the following appeals in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The evidence proves that these courts are systematically at war with pro se litigants who represent themselves. Jason studied law for over ten years and has made common-sense arguments that require relief. The courts try to act like case-law is law and quote fragments of cases that are wholly unrelated to IGNORE even the most obvious injuries carried out intentionally by government officials. Jason overturned over 36-years of sentences for other prisoners with a few hours of his time. There is a plain political agenda targeted against him to make people hate him for no reason using fence politics, libels, and slander.

Read the ridiculous opinion on his Federal Habeas Corpus at Case No. 5:13-cv-2202, Kokinda v. Coleman, et al.., U.S Dist. Ct. E.D. Penn. (May 24th, 2017) (In the context of the record, it concludes that: Long-documented medical evidence of asexuality (no sexual desire for either sex) is not evidence, and that even if Jason Kokinda is asexual, he can still be predisposed to sexual crimes.) This is doubletalk at its finest. The dictations of guilt and refusal to consider any undeniable doubt were fueled by Tom Corbett using Jason's case as a political tool to benefit the fracking industry. Big energy has hijacked the U.S. govt. And now, the American people are indoctrinated to slut shame any woman who associates with someone labeled a cybersex offender and to use black and white labels so that anyone is treated like a child rapist and a murderer no matter how ridiculous the charges. This is just like the propaganda that causes North Koreans to hate all Americans, and just like radical Muslims hate Jews, and White Supremecists hate blacks, all fence politics and assimilating a universal public opinion with no regard for Truth or Reason, pure hypocrisy.

Go to Pacer.gov and investigate the cases 17-3165, 17-3166, 18-3742, 18-2735, 18-2971. Also, click here to see an example of how the Pennsylvania attorney general lawyers conspire with the law clerks. The law clerks use the judges' names to give weight to their phony opinions so that the public might believe that a judge actually adjudicated it. The law clerks are assigned to look for any reason to dismiss pro se cases and often quote the attorney general's lawyers verbatim, no matter how obviously wrong they are in every filing.

See also Patrick J. Schiltz, The Citation of Unpublished Opinions in the Federal Courts of Appeals, 74 FORDHAM L. REV. 23, 32, 49 (2005); see also Penelope Pether, Inequitable Injunctions: The Scandal of Private Judging in the U.S. Courts, 56 STAN. L. REV. 1435, 1492 (2004) (decrying “the delegation of much judicial work either to clerks or to staff attorneys who are often junior, inexperienced, minimally trained, and dissatisfied with the tasks assigned them, mean that judges often do not read any part of the record of an appeal before ‘signing off’ on an unpublished opinion written by a staff attorney”).

Considering that there is an open scandal against pro se litigants and that the Courts are holding the licenses of the BAR attorneys in the palms of their hands, grave doubts should be given considering the trustworthiness of convictions and our judicial system. This is especially true in politicized cases like Jason Kokinda's where former Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett used Jason Kokinda's expensive mainstreet German Car Repair shop to go into schools with stranger danger propaganda based on the arrest as the means for targeting and influencing Berks County Valley voters. Corbett went on to pass $24 billion in tax breaks and lax regulation for the fracking industry under Act 13. Corbett's election was openly financed by the Koch Brothers who have hijacked the election system with their legalized bribery of lobbying and superpac's that the judiciary began in 1978. Demanding harsher punishments and more laws is all fine and dandy until the elite start to use it as a means of knocking off whistleblowers and for the production of political trophies like Abu Jamal and Jason Kokinda.

The Koch Brothers are megalomaniacs who have hijacked the political system, retaliating relentlessly against anyone crossing the path of their favored pawns like Tom Corbett. It is only by Divine Retribution that they are restrained. It is hard to manipulate a jury with absolutely no evidence and false witnesses. If this wasn't the case, they would be locking up Jason Kokinda five times a day for phony charges. Jason is only able to survive such tyranny because of the Lord and the talents that allow him to continue his high-paying careers despite relentless retaliations. In any regard, oppressing strong Christians makes them stronger, and Divine Retribution protects Jason's life.