Jason Kokinda: The Most Innocent Man Alive!



Matthew 10:16-20: `Lo, I do send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as the serpents, and simple as the doves. And, take ye heed of men, for they will give you up to sanhedrims, and in their synagogues they will scourge you, and before governors and kings ye shall be brought for my sake, for a testimony to them and to the nations. `And whenever they may deliver you up, be not anxious how or what ye may speak, for it shall be given you in that hour what ye shall speak; for ye are not the speakers, but the Spirit of your Father that is speaking in you.

After Gagging from Anxiety for Five-Years and Starving, Jason was Cured after Reading the Bible from Front to Back aloud, and Later Was Blessed by the Lord Above All Men!

Jason Kokinda unfairly suffered like Job and is a bona fide biblical prophet with a powerful apocalyptic message. If you do not read the divine relevation given unto him, then you simply do not know anything about him. Once you read this divine revelation, you will understand why the government is targeting him and how it will ultimately turn against them.

Jason was released from prison in Pennsylvania on All Saints Day, according to a pictogram riddle in the divine revelation he received. Pennsylvania retaliated when they heard this by threatening to file charges on him on the day of release for quoting the bible in his legal filings. For this reason, and many others, Jason knows that his days are predestined and that true Christians have nothing to fear at any time. If he is oppressed, he can only count on more blessings to come out of it in the long run. Wisdom comes out of tribulations, it is hard won.

Matthew 7:16 tells us that you can tell whether a tree is good by its fruit. And the book of James 2:17-18 tells us that Christians must prove their faith by works and that faith without works is dead. And Jason has invested all of his life into ministering unto people and trying to change the world. You can also see this in the studio albumn that he recorded of experimental phonetic jazz music. This albumn featured numerous other songs of faith and against substance abuse. He also knows how to play less organic traditional music.

Jason Kokinda's musical talents and his skill in discerning the Word of God, altogether make for a promising future as a prophet. Jason is geared up for bringing in the masses by creating high-quality entertainment as the gateway and simply needs to invest capital in publicizing all his works. The lawsuits that he has against the government are like money in the bank, no matter how they try to oppress and obstruct him. It is no coincidence that a global plagues begins after insulting the Lord and locking him up to silence him from speaking his divine revelation. And West Virginia was the last state to have a case by no coincidence to designate that the Lord's prophet was here.

The government claims that Jason is attracted to teenage girls, (which is perfectly normal for all men, according to psychologists). It is perfectly legal for adults to have sex with girls as young as 14 in several Western European countries, yet is strangely characterized as the most heinous crime and intolerable abuse possible to even look at a teenager in the USA. And the old fart agents are jealous because Jason has a young biological age from excellent genetics. (They fear that he will violate the strict feminist laws that demonize all men, yet without any evidence for their theory in 41 years). In truth, they just wanted to rob his car shop using Pennsylvania's horrible forfeiture laws, whilst generating statistics to get more funding and furthering themselves.

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Jason Kokinda studied American jurisprudence for over a decade and has litigated dozens of cases himself. He overturned over 36 years of sentences for other prisoners, with a few hours of his time, and has recently defeated the last 6 cases and 10 charges maliciously filed against him. He is simply waiting for dismissal of the final federal charge in West Virginia, after the prosecution used blatant perjury and false standards of law to indict him.

They claim he had 3 days to register, when the federal SORNA law provides 30 days to anyone who doesn't have a home or intent to stay in one locality as if home (See end of case discussion). They want to change the law just for him, ex post facto, with absolute disregard for civil rights, law, or truth. He shouldn't even be on the registry to begin with but had a scumbag lawyer and was targeted by corrupt officials with no conscience.

And now the Judge Kleeh is under too much internal pressure to admit that his colleagues have done wrong. Yet, he is slowly being persuaded by Jason Kokinda's compelling arguments. The prosecution is not seeking justice but instead want to write false jury instructions that firmly direct a jury to convict on an improper basis. That has been their entire plan from the start. And they want to eliminate this very specific criteria upon which the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals stated the entire constitutionality of the statute hinged upon. This explicit criteria requires proof of ties keeping them in one specific city for at least 30 days that a person is no longer very transient. They are plainly using the color of law to oppress Jason Kokinda for his civil rights advocacy and want to apply the laws willy-nilly.

And they want to bring in all sorts of immaterial witnesses to point a finger at him and bandwagon an atmosphere of hostility. They claim he was living in WV as if his home even though he had absolutely no ties here (no lease, no apartment, no reservation to stay, no home, no job here, no school here, no family here). He was plainly passing through and staying at a couple campgrounds, hours away from each other, as he made his way south. The autumn cold weather was already making it impossible to stay at a campground. He was held up and forced to repair his car axle beam after new tires were chewed up. The part wasn't available elsewhere.

Jason was waiting to reunite with his fiance in a foreign country. He could not find any suitable temporary housing, and was forced to travel about the U.S., at great expense ($5,000/mo.). The police were retaliating against him and would obstruct him from moving in any place he might stay to the point of him giving up on living in the USA entirely. They burned down his condo in Vermont after moving a homeland security agent next door. They directed a woman in New York to steal his money and throw his stuff out on the street. And they let a government agent move in to pay her revenue. They said he couldn't live with his family in New Jersey with no lawful basis to do so.

Jason was waiting for a malicious Vermont case to be dismissed any day. He had plenty of money, was busy working online, had rebuilt his late father's Ford to run like a top, and was friendly to people of all ages on his journey. He saved a little money off hotels in WV by staying at a couple campgrounds and was working hard to publicize the Apocalyptic Christian Bible in various media releases. He isn't some drunkard, molester, Catholic priest who works at a Catholic Church, which is a virtual daycare. He recharged his laptop at a park, as a convenience, a few times, when he was out shopping because he couldn't get an AT&T signal at one campsite in Seneca Rocks. He made friends with people of all ages, because everyone likes him.

In brief, Jason Kokinda suffers from graphomania, an obsession to write compulsively, and only has so-called "creative writer crimes". The International World Federation had created this outrageous entrapment on IRC UnderNet and pulled him in from a local chatroom in 2007. They prayed on his conscience and Good Samaritan nature to goad him into investigating their bizarre, fantasy, child erotica, role-play chatroom. This case was not much unlike the Cannibal Cop nonsense fantasy case that was acquitted. They again arrested him for proofreading his divine revelation in a park and talking to people.

However, Jason was not into any fetish, nor graphic, nor could he carry out a logical criminal plan with what was on its face advertised as an adult/cop role-playing game. They searched Jason's computers in numerous cases and never found any pornography or child pornography. They misrepresented his rhetorical speech, out of context, and relied upon a corrupt freemason attorney, Dennis G. Charles, to frame him. This attorney easily manipulated Jason's money out of his ADD mother with false promises.

And because the feds referred this case to ex-Pennsylvania Attorney General, Tom Corbett, that he might use it to cover up his Jerry Sandusky scandal, the need to reaffirm the false narrative and profile is paramount. Corbett was best friends with serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky and had to whitewash his image as a protector of children. So, he used extremely illegal methods of evidence fabrication and manipulation to mass produce phony "To Catch A Predator" styled stings. They framed non-evidence from role-play chats, advertised as such, in chatrooms where the premised-presence of naive, virgin teens would be absurd and laughable.

And these methods that the IWF and FBI use are very dangerous because even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would look guilty by association for eating with the sinners. Jason was originally very clear in his attempts to evangelize participants. Later, he played along a bit, upfront, superficially, after being worn down by the lasciviousness of the impious, day after day, with unlawful works harassing, like righteous Lot in Sodom. The officials simply took advantage of his extraordinary faith in Jesus Christ after being miraculously healed and his eagerness to correct every wrong in the world to demonize him.

While there may have been some irrationality to what he did, driven by his severe obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms at the time, OCD is strongly associated with sexual dysfunction. The explicit medical records detailing his "fundamental lack of sexual desire/sensation", of themselves, should have removed any stigma, especially in the context of other evidence. In any regard, the agents were just liars looking for any excuse to further themselves at his expense, like the Great Harlot drunk off the blood of the saints in I Revelation 17:6.

And numerous officials received promotions and were bribed with other favors for retaliating against Jason Kokinda ever since he began challenging the wrongful conviction. His freemason, phony defense attorney, Dennis G. Charles, of Allentown, PA, had worked intimately with the prosecution to discredit his provable recollection of events. The attorney falsely claimed that Jason was suffering from schizophrenia, and cited scant records of drug-induced psychosis as a teenager after isolated exposure to PCP, which commonly causes such symptoms. Three subsequent psychiatrists have reaffirmed that Jason does not suffer from any mental illness. Jason was making thousands of dollars a day with his own mainstreet German Car Shop at that time, and certainly would not fit the ticket.

Jason saw his hometown destroyed by heroin and had created his own online information resource against substance abuse because he didn't think the government was doing a good job with its scare campaigns. Jason also did not believe that punishment was an effective deterent because he simply switched to using LSD when they put him on probation and stopped him from smoking ganja as a teenager. He did not agree with the methods that police were using to what they said was a place to "round up all the pedophiles." He thought perhaps the police were simply using it to investigate some real child abusers who might join the chatroom but became suspicious that they were the ones corrupting the whole network and manufacturing cybercrime.

The UnderNet was the only IRC network that hosted child pornography channels. All of these chatrooms could have been easily shut down by the network as they were on other networks. What Jason later learned was that the UnderNet was unique in that it was not thought to be owned by anyone, and thus had no one accountable for the content and malfeasance. It was definitely something created by police in its inception to manufacture arrests and get more funding. They had thousands of chatrooms of every topic listed but would use techniques to funnel people into these pseudo-criminal channels if they actually wanted to talk to someone, and would use positive reinforcement techniques, profiling, and all sorts of manipulations to coerce them into acting profanely. Then the feds would refer these cases to local law enforcement and try to set up stings.

And Jason thought he'd be the last person of interest in such a lawless environment and even studied the laws to know the limits of what was lawful for him to do in investigating people. People who suffer from OCD have a very strong sense of conscience. Therefore, he felt a calling that he had to identify anonymous participants as part of removing the agitating thoughts he felt from the chatroom due to his OCD. And he played along as a perfectionist, because OCD makes people perfectionists and made him wealthy for his skills in repairing German autos and business. But because the police had invested so much time in phony investigations and repeatedly tried to set him up, they just wanted to bust him to have something to show for it.

Every element of these cases is the exact opposite of a crime. It is the law enforcement who are the criminals! How can you be convicted of trying to have sex with a minor who doesn't exist, who is presented as an adult role-playing, and in circumstances where the police bandwagon and create the activity, which they publicly state to be lawful and protected by freedom of speech? Then it is okay if they commit perjury and materially misrepresent that chats as literal and the defendant as predisposed to commit crimes on his own volition. And it is also okay if the appellate courts ignore all the constitutional violations and orchestrate retaliations against anyone speaking up against the injustices and fraud.

Now it appears, from hard evidence, that Pennsylvania officials were goading officials to retaliate against Jason Kokinda by saying that he was causing problems in the courts. Jason has hard documentary evidence of such explicit conversations. They would paint him as schizophrenic, an easy target, hoping to get some traction in oppressing him and obstructing his dead lawsuits.

And they wrongfully imprisoned him in West Virginia to obstruct him from even litigating the serious lawsuits on appeal in the Third Circuit. They were just looking for an excuse and apparently coerced numerous civillians into cooperating with them in fabricating additional charges to demonize him in the media. And the habeas court even dictates that such a crime is a crime even if it is not sexually motivated and the defendant has OCD and a fundamental lack of sexual desire documented in medical records preceding arrest.

Jason met other prisoners who were being retaliated against because a particular official had it in for them. It is very easy for these corrupt officials to coax other officials into retaliating. This is especially easy for Tom Corbett, former U.S. Attorney in the Western District of Penn., where all of Jason's civil lawsuits were filed. Corbett simply needed to get the Marshals working at the court to put a hit on Jason, using the argument that he is a dangerous, schizophrenic pedophile, based on the phony profile that Dennis G. Charles fabricated.

Corbett is a tool for big business. In fact, Jason Kokinda's one attorney relative had called him "Tom Corporate" in the press. Jason Kokinda has evidence that Corbett is a mere pawn for organized crime. The U.S. Government hired organized crime for their Bay of Pigs Invasion.

These big fracking industry executives also have connections to organized crime, if they need it, and know how to strongarm the right candidates into action. They have a network of governors and presidents on their payroll and extort them to do whatever they want. Corbett did unprecedented actions to benefit the fracking industry with $28 billion in tax breaks and lax regulations under Act 13. His brother of the same name, Tom Wolf, is a wolf in sheeps clothing, who also is sponsored and controlled by big energy investors.

There are many fundmental flaws in our government system that Jason Kokinda is working hard to change for the benefit of the world. First of all, the injustice system is an abomination before the Lord. BAR attorney Bill Clinton has socially engineered all the crimewaves that we are experiencing. The BAR Association is a criminal organization that is alien to the Constitution. They take an oath to uphold the U.S. Bankruptcy and have no regard for the Constitution beyond using sophistry to uphold every evil as constitutional.

Clinton forced small town corporations to hire gangbangers who brought violence and hard drugs to destroy ethnic communities so that his corporate sponsors could create a global police state. After giving officials unlimited power to solve the problem, to protect their sons and daughters, they took this power and turned it into social engineering laws that hypercriminalize everything. Now they just target the lowest hanging fruit to fill bed space. As more people fall into poverty and homelessness from the pandemic, they will find out what our injustice system is really about when they become the lowest hanging fruit.

Clinton also gutted federal habeas corpus with AEDPA to allow the states a limitless margin in fulfilling their mass incarceration agenda. He was obviously sponsored by the giant prison industry and elite rulers who want to control us with tyranny. And tyranny is there hidden behind every encounter with police. The BAR attorneys all have a grave conflict of interest because the courts hold their licenses and force them to obtain convictions. If not, their colleagues and friends can be sued. The U.S. Supreme Court even admitted that 95-97% of all accusations end with a guilty plea, simply to avoid the absolute reality of a fixed trial and some outrageous penalty.

They constantly track Jason's location, all over the world, by his phone using PING warrants, hijack his accounts, and relentlessly fabricate sexual deviance cases against him as retaliations for his lawsuits and standing up for human rights. In prison they force him to starve, eat soy despite proven IgE allergy, or to live on commissary junk foods. And he became very unhealthy and suddenly developed hypertension and suffered mercury poisoning from having to eat salty fish and junkfood to survive. They also drug the jail foods to incapacitate prisoners, dull their minds, sedate them, and lower their testosterone levels, so they plead guilty and bow before any authority figure. There is little regard for human life or health. And no one cares, just like no one cared about the holocausts in Nazi Germany.

The problem with giving officials absolute power is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And these officials are carrying out their own personal and satanic corporate agendas under the color of law with nobody standing up against them. And making matters worse, there really is no law, no government, or money. Jason Kokinda is a sovereign national who has redeemed himself from the insidious adhesion contract scheme that the injustice system is built upon. For this reason, he only has an Achille's Heel that they can hold him in anticipation of an eventual dismissal before trial. However, the price for holding him is very steep when his offensive measures are then carried out in the long run.

The root of many problems is the little-known U.S. Bankruptcy. This legal device is being used by the Catholic Church to create commercial trust accounts for each individual, which are then used to own and control them. The U.S. Bankruptcy pledges you and everything you own as collateral for the national debt. You are legal property of the Catholic Church's banking monopoly through your Birth Certificate, driver's license, and other contracts. Or at least this is the esoteric indoctrination used to effectuate such an unconstitutional change in law and money. The reality is that the scheme is enforced by the mob as the only way to get so many people to carry out their oppressions with no conscience.

In brief, Jason Kokinda plainly has a lot of wisdom from the powerful blessings of the Lord. The Holy Spirit working through him has the power to accomplish anything. The world is currently under a divine judgment, a global pandemic that will not end. The end of the world is here and will come to a conclusion on February 19th, 2071. And only those who do not take this false money, the mark of the beast, and free themselves of this contract scheme will find salvation.

Look at the nonsense that the courts have written and how ignorant and weak they have made the average American. The U.S. Supreme Court actually admits that guilty pleas are commercial contracts, but goes on to say that they are constitutional contracts. Yeah, they are constitutional contracts that waive all your constitutional rights, what doubletalk. A guilty plea is the antithesis of constitutional and has no provision in the constitution. The current powers that be are ordained by the Lord in the same manner that Babylon was ordained to destroy the Jews and bring them into captivity. Welcome to Canaan, the land of corporate giants! Jason is not able to help Americans because they are evil hypocrites, most suffering from a commercial slave mentality that leads them to bow down before the beast and Lady Justice, its image.

The precious wisdom on this page is pearls before the swine, however. The average person lacks the Holy Spirit because they are mere conformists. They are not seeking out the Truth from the bible, itself, and, instead, use vain philosophies to determine what is right and wrong by popular opinion. Good and evil are not so cut and dry. Only the saints who practice what they preach and stand up against the oppressors in this world have the Holy Spirit working through them. The posers sit on the sidelines and pretend to be Christians, good little christianish slaves with their phony constitutionalish laws.

What non-Christians don't understand is that it pleases the Lord when His servants are crucified, for then they can pass the test of faith and receive wonderful blessings. And few receive these blessings if we look through history. Only Caleb and Joshua (Jesus in Greek) had the courage to stand up against the giants of the Promised Land. What a wonderful blessing to be persecuted and numbered among the criminals when you are innocent and a true saint. Therefore, Jason is eager to be persecuted, loves the cosmetic damage slandering his image, loves the retaliations, and anything else they can throw at him. And he returns only kindness for hatred.

Only true Christians are fearless of death and persecution, for they know that the Lord ultimately uses all these tribulations to bless them. And Jason isn't judged under any value of Truth. He is judged by hypocrites who could care less about the truth. The truth is whatever works for them. And they coerce others to demonize Jason. Historically, humanity has been very ignorant and officials have been very jealous, or they would not have crucified their Messiah. People are ignorant of the Biblical prophecies, outside of Hollywood's Left behind series, or they would have interest in Jason's divine revelation and would see him as the potential John the Baptist of this age.

The world is spiritually dead. Most people claim that they believe in Jesus, superficially, but certainly don't follow the law of faith or stand up against oppressors to change the world like Jesus did. Faith without works is dead. Everyone is a cop in America and eager to enforce tyranny and to treat others as inferior by alleging criminal infractions. They are the opposite of Jesus who completely forgave those who violated the letter of the law that they may see the wisdom of repentance on their own.

America is like the generation that Moses brought out of Egypt whose carcasses fell in the desert. The freed slaves could not change their slave mentality and continued to return to their godless roots. The pandemic is a divine judgment that is, likewise, wiping out the generations who are hardened to a message of reformation and who are scared to stand up against corporate giants for change.

Women all over the world love Jason Kokinda! The world is clearly jealous! The government stopped him from marrying these women and interfere in every aspect of his life. They want him to go postal so they can justify oppressing him. But he knows the Lord will bless him for every evil done to him, absolutely, and finds nothing sweeter than the Word of God given unto him.

together together together

Jason is still continuing his long-distance relationship and trying to reunite with his beautiful fiance` pictured below and above on the right. The government is jealous and want to take away his right to travel and his right to marry, and want to demonize him as some desperate pervert because it works for them. They are the epitome of evil incarnate, miserable souls who want lots of company in the prisons of hades where they are going for sending others there in their lifetimes. Jason was in excellent health before being arrested. They just want to defame him, destroy his health, shorten his lifespan, and murder him for profit.

together together together