Jason Kokinda is an innocent victim of crony capitalism!



Jason Kokinda's Litigation Proves that America is a Fascist Police State

Americans are so egotistical and concerned about their image that they were afraid to associate with something as innocent as Rapeseed Oil before they repackaged it as Canola Oil. They are totally apathetic about the lack of due process in their courts and have a dreadful fear of any superficial thing that can be construed negatively against their image. While innocent men languish and die in prisons, American women are losing their minds over a nail polish that doesn't match their purse. American men are even worse, slaving to please macho women who are never satisfied. The overcriminalization of Americans is met with total apathy from people who should be fleeing the country in droves. Americans suffer from Stockholm syndrome like people who live in toxic waste dumps and refuse to move away despite the certainty of developing awful cancers and dying.

It is Easy to Frame Anyone with a Computer Sex Sting!

Let's say that you are on an adult forum and someone posts that they are a hot woman in college. They just so happen to live nearby and want to meet you. You agree and are arrested when you drive to meet the woman. The police simply edited the post to say that it was a young girl. That is exactly what they did to Jason Kokinda. They presented one thing, and then framed it as another to make him look guilty.

They control all of the evidence; and then simply ignore you, even if you find a way to retrieve the missing data and prove your absolute innocence on appeals. What self-respecting American is going to sully their image by associating with falsely accused criminals? The murderous Nazi party established itself by these same type of ignorant stereotypes that are used to dispose a class of people deemed undesirable. We can see it everywhere that America is being controlled by crony capitalism. The Courts expect Americans as individuals to be voiceless consumers who engage in predictable and neutral slave behavior. The apathy of Americans to forget about all of the weighty problems in the world and fiddle over the trivial details of their own vain ambitions and pigeonholes is the perfect example of disgusting and subhuman slave breeding by the elite.

Rogue prosecutors are able to frame anyone with paper thin accusations by fabricating evidence and disallowing discussion of any bit that exonerates the Defendant. If the Defense attorney steals your money and abandons you in the middle of trial, anyone will plead guilty to mitigate legal injury and try to fix things on appeal. When the appellate courts refuse to even discuss your common sense claims of total innocence, the public will automatically assume you are guilty. The elite are spending trillions of dollars to keep the public in a passive Hollywood delusion, so that they can continue to use the govt. as their personal command center. The Courts are just a hollow shell for the superrich to attack you with carefully crafted sophisms to fool the public.

Jason Kokinda has proven his innocence relentlessly with no justice. The Courts continue to ignore the severe evidence manipulation. Everyone knows about the famous case, Brady v. Maryland, which requires the state to turn over evidence supporting innocence. The state was under an obligation to provide this material because Jason did in fact go to trial. The state suppressed so much evidence that they in fact covered up a total lack of probable cause to even arrest him. See final U.S. Supreme Court Petition.

New Jersey did the same thing as soon as Jason bailed out. They redacted all of the exculpatory evidence which made their case unprosecutable. They used the stigma of the pending case in Pennsylvania to force him to plead guilty despite his innocence. The lawyers helped the states at every level, rather than risking their rapport to help one innocent client. Prosecutors are insulated from wrongdoing by the Courts and defense attorneys as the only way to retain them in these crudely hacked together high-volume prosecutions. Otherwise, they would all be out of office pretty quickly, being hit with multi-million dollar lawsuits for overzealous and politically motivated prosecutions.

Jason was never found in possession of any pornography, let alone child pornography. He had reported a website of millions of images and videos of child pornography to the Internation World Federation, fearing no consequences of them saying he accessed all of these images and committed a crime. In the same manner, he had tried to create a heroic result out of his interaction with ambiguous child abusers on a chatroom created by police to mass produce entrapments. But, the police tried entrapment after entrapment, trying to bait him into crossing some line of criminality. When you consider the abundance of lawlessness the govt. had to perform in order to frame Jason and force this plea deal, his innocence is incontrovertible. Jason's OCD/HPPD and asexuality creates a general aversion to pornographic images from the agitating and intrusive effect they have on his psyche; in the same manner that fantasy stories of child rape goded him into resolving the ambivalence.

Jason is a professional writer who got involved in chatting with these police only because he writes compulsively. He will write any content compulsively, as if addicted, from his graphomania. Because he is a creative writer, the corrupt officials figure they can make some money off him and frame his words out of context to look like heroes. The criminal justice system in America is all Hollywood and drama. Jason no longer lives in the United States due to the total absence of enforceable civil rights in the country and the total apathetic ignorance of Americans to change anything. Anyone who lives in America is delusional and needs to lie to themselves to convince themselves that it is nice living in such a fascist police state.

The Courts are working an internal war against Americans with mercurial hypercritical social-engineering laws and profiting off their mass incarceration. They are business partners with Lehman Brothers and the various prison corporations and states behind their stock market mass incarceration for profit scheme. They are bloating Federal coffers to receive more benefits in their fake work. The Court is all drama and Hollywood. It is impossible to take these people seriously when they write opinions that reflect that they are brainwashed to have absolutely no conscience nor regard whatsoever for Truth or Justice. These officials are not acting in any manner to uphold their oath of office and merely destroy innocent lives under the color of law to stuff their fat bellies.

A criminal case is no longer anything close to being criminal in most cases. The prosecutors will manipulate the evidence and spin the facts in such a manner to present this black and white delusion of guilt. Reality is that it takes two to tango and that most of the so-called victims of crimes have played some part in inducing the criminal activity. In many cases, there is no crime at all, it is just the police themselves targeting anyone they can frame as a social menace. Americans are so compelled by media and the delusions sold to them every waking hour of the day from commercialism that the Truth has become boring and undesirable.

The worst part of this story is that Jason is allergic to soy. The prison diet is loaded with concentrated soy proteins. This forced Jason to spend nearly four thousand dollars a year to simply mitigate injury and reduce soy intake by purchasing junkfood from the prison store. This is food that you would typically find at a gas station in plastic bags: chips, cookies, crackers; maybe some rice, and beef jerky. Jason was in prison for eight years and forced to suffer the effects of this abusive punishment nearly every day.

Making matters worse, Jason was an extremely athletic sprint runner. He was soon unable to run or even walk long distances from the muscle cramps of the soy debilitating him. He would have what he thought were anxiety attacks that were actually acute asthmatic attacks and pains in his abdomen after ingesting soy. He soon developed hypertension with a blood pressure noted at 180/108 at one point. The prison did not care one bit that the food was making Jason sick and that he was intolerant to blood pressure medications. (Read the Motion for Summary Judgment Filed on this matter. Part 1, 2, 3).

They wanted Jason to die. They locked him in the RHU over nonsense, trying to force him to eat soy. They wanted him to eat junkfood loaded with high sodium, hoping he'd have a stroke or heart attack. They would do anything in the world to cover up the crimes of putting him in prison for being a Good Samaritan. The absurdity of framing Jason with sex crimes became apparent when he presented medical records proving his total lack of sex drive and sexual sensation. They didn't want him to walk out of prison with such a liability against them. Jason has to now take various supplements for his OCD to maintain any sex drive or desire.

They immediately retaliated against him the day after his release from prison as obliquely threatened. They had a cop or rat working with police chase Jason and his mother down in a car like the one left to him by his father. This was a death threat that they would kill Jason and even his family if he followed up on the lawsuits he threatened to file. The Courts allowed some of Jason's claims to go through, thinking that he would never test positive for the soy allergy or that some external retaliations would crush him. When Jason tested positive for the most serious soy allergy, Pennsylvania coordinated with Vermont officials to maliciously prosecute him.

They tried to prosecute him for a consensual hug with an adult woman. They claim that it was public lewdness; for their lies that he got turned on during this two second selfie the woman was seeking, after she first gave him a hug. Yes, even the briefest fully-clothed conduct, for which there is admittedly no evidence regarding a lack of consent or impropriety on his part, is being criminalized just for Jason. When Jason filed a lawsuit regarding this malicious prosecution, his condo was mysteriously burned down to the ground. This apparently was also an attempt to destroy evidence that had failed.

This same type of thing had happened to famous entrepreneur Bill Browder in Russia (see his book Red Notice). Because he was exposing the corruption of the Oligarchs there, they put his lawyer in prison and forced him to give up all of his Russian businesses with death threats. They told him, it is cheaper to have you killed. This is the same type of mindset that is infecting America for people crossing the pawns of American "Oligarchs." In this case, Tom Corbett had invested a lot of political stock in these unlawful stings and Jason's German Car Repair Shop as a political trophy. The Koch Brothers and other mafia-backed fracking investors are therefore well-invested in defeating Jason to keep Corbett's reputation Lilly White.

When Jason moved to New York, following the arson of his condo, they tried to make him feel like they were ready to kill him. They first robbed a store right in front of him as he was going to make a rental deposit, trying to discourage him from moving into the area at all. Then, the woman he moved in with stated that an electric fire had started in her other house. This just so happened to be in the same manner and on the same date as the one that burned down his condo in Vermont.

Making the evidence of corruption even stronger, the officials intentionally held all of the most adversarial legal events on the birthdays of him and his family for Masonic occult power. They used similar numerology and forensic clues to trace back all of the adversarial events of retaliations against him. They use the Masonic number "13" in patterns to mark certain events. For example, after filing a malicious brief against him on his birthday, they timebarred his appeals by not sending him an order from December 13th. Then, 1m & 3 days later (13), they trashed his cell to stop him from filing in the Courts, using search team #13; with a fabricated prison-wide lockdown security threat as a smokescreen to target him. Organized crime like to keep their crimes organized with a similar notation as that invented by a Catholic monk for music.

It was really critical for the Koch Brothers and other mafia investors in the Fracking Industry to fabricate these stings as a scapegoat for Tom Corbett. Otherwise, Corbett would look like he was guilty at least by association with best friend serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky. They couldn't protect Sandusky any more from all of his abuses. They needed to retain the image of Corbett, the hired pawn, who signed them $24 billion in tax breaks, inter alia. Therefore, they relentlessly seek to retaliate against Jason Kokinda despite his ability to meticulously document the events and make records in the courts. Despite the fact that whenever they threaten to kill him other people die as last warning before the whole lot of them are judged with Divine Retribution.

A particular prisoner kept whining and cutting himself to go back into his former cell, the one left empty after they took Jason to the RHU to starve him. As soon as this prisoner moved in, his brother mysteriously died. This was at the same time that Jason was sending the Warden threats of Divine Retribution for trying to kill him. The officials apparently got spooked that this may be a sign of imminent Divine Retribution and released him. One of the brother's dying is symbolic of the Koch Brother's being half responsible for the injuries against Jason. After years of malicious delays in transmitting his case-file, the officials stole it during this retaliation to obstruct him from proving his lawyer's gross dereliction.

The corrupt govt. can say whatever they want, but the evidence and law are all explicitly clear in the pacer.gov legal filings of the U.S. District Court for the Pennsylvania Western District in Cases: 2:16-cv-1303, 2:16-cv-5, Kokinda v. Penn. Dept. of Corrections, et al.; and Vermont U.S. District Ct. Kokinda v. Koch Indus., et al., 2:17-cv-98, 2:18-cv-95. The Courts are extremely corrupt and being manipulated by Freemason judges like Third Circuit Judge Thoeodore McKee Mouse Judge McKee who are connected to the mafia. The Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General is directly connected to Corbett by his senior officers still working there. These people think they are powerful in the same manner that Pharaoh thought he was so powerful when he refused to obey the instructions of Moses.

You just have to spend a few minutes reading about the Koch Brothers to understand why they would protect their sponsored candidate Tom Corbett. They outwardly convey ownership of the current vice-president, Mike Pence, as legalized associates of the mafia (aka the Vatican). The agenda to strictly enforce immigration laws is just the first phase. Next, everything is going to be strictly enforced without justice to incarcerate the maximum number of Americans. This is how the elite are dealing with the diminished natural resources, by arbitrarily labeling an ever-expanding group of people as criminals like the Nazi party. Then, they send them to prison to be hidden and destroyed under a commune calculated pre-allocated resource cost assessment.

At the end of the day, Jason wins! They have left their kingdom in ruins by so blatantly targeting Jason with all of these corrupt tactics; exposing themselves as naked and stripped of defenses once the public eye is placed upon them. The Second Revelation of Jesus Christ given unto Jason in prison is their undoing. Only a fool says in their heart that there is no God. The Word of God protects Jason's life and details his certain conquest.

The Koch Brothers tried to produce their own II Revelation that they call 2 Revelation at the time of Jason writing down the II Revelation in prison. This is the same as the magicians of Pharoah turning staffs into snakes. But, in the same manner, the snake of Moses swallowed up the magicians' trickery. Jason Kokinda is the most extreme example of what a victim of crony capitalism looks like. We are all victims in varying degrees. You can see the govt. is a hollow shell for big business to puppeteer into fulfilling their criminal agenda. All of the officials that retaliated against Jason sold their souls for a promotion, a delusion of upward mobility that only leads them into a cage of being monitored 24/7 and micromanaged.

The elite have the entire world in bondage by creating false systems of order. People play along with these illusions of govt., law, economics, and religion, until they hit the glass ceiling and see that it is a scam. When people attack Jason and say he is guilty, they simply act like they have severe ADD. It does not register in their brains that the police had failed to present their characters as being underage and that no possible criminality could ensue. The ratrace created by the fake economy causes everyone to look for arbitrary angles to ignorantly demonize others. The current US agenda to lock up all the foreigners is a perfect example of targeting people for arbitrary distinctions to remove competition for jobs in the ratrace.